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Udemy Promo Code Discount  90 Off The Complete Android Programming with KitKat Course

Udemy Promo Code Discount  90% Off The Complete Android Programming with KitKat4.4 Course.

Complete Android Programming with KitKat 4.4:

Android KitKat 4.4 is both Beautiful & Immersive. It has a more polished design, improved performance, and a TON of new features. In fact, this latest Android Update from Google is all set to match Apple’s iOS 8

In our Complete Android Programming Course, we will walk you through the fundamentals of Android app development in Java.

You will learn ALL the skills needed to develop exciting and powerful Android mobile apps using the latest versions of the SDK and the new Android Studio development environment.

This course will be updated on a weekly basis with latest lessons.

Currently you get 7 Sections with 52 lectures and assignments. If you are truly interested in learning mobile app development for the Android platform, then this is the course for you.

What You Will Learn

We’ll start with the basics: activities and layouts. You’ll learn how to create user interfaces and how to drive them from activities, and how to harness the power of intents to link activities into a compelling user experience.

Of course, an app is nothing without its data, and Android has some pretty powerful tools to store that data.

We’ll talk about SQLite, the mobile version of the popular SQL relational database management system. You’ll learn how to store data in SQLite databases, and how to retrieve that data later and use it to populate several different types of user interface controls.

Making your apps sparkle with 2D and 3D graphics will also be covered.

You’ll learn some basic animation techniques to use with any view in the course, but you’ll also learn how to animate any object – that is, to change its properties over time! This is a powerful technique that can be used not just for traditional animation, but for any time-bound task.

We’ll also discuss the OpenGL-ES 3D graphics library.

We’ve included a bonus One Hour – Live Webinar Introductory Session where Rick will walk you through the basics and advanced features that are covered in the course… at the end of which there will be an open Q&A session.

Pretty much anything a developer can do to an Android mobile device is covered in this course.

A brief Outline of the The Complete Android Programming with KitKat4.4 Course Structure & Units

  • [Unit 1] Installation of Java and developer tools
  • [Unit 2] First Steps
  • [Unit 3] User interaction and controls
  • [Unit 4] List views and list activities
  • [Unit 5] SQLite
  • [Unit 6] Services, Content Providers, and Broadcasts
  • [Unit 7] Audio and video
  • [Unit 8] View and property animation
  • [Unit 10] Intro to OpenGL – ES
  • [Unit 11] Best practices for app development
  • [Unit 12] Debugging, and the Google Play store

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